Nine of the ten PPKs are shown to the left. Some are all walnut, a couple have maple grips, and one has cherry grips. Several have maple slides, simulating the two-tone PPKs that can be found. (James would probably cringe at these.)

The tenth PPK is truly unique. It has an ebonized finish that imparts a deep, opaque black to the piece. Ebonizing refers to a process that chemically treats the top layer of fibers of the wood, and darkens them, actually changing the color of the wood, not lying on top of it, like a stain or a paint.

This tenth PPK is shown below. Due to the extra work involved, it sells for a slight (?!) premium.

The nine PPKs above are offered at the introductory price of $19.95.
The ebonized model is priced at $29.95.
Early on, James Bond switched to a Walther PPK, and never looked back. Although he carried other sidearms over the years, the PPK is the pistol most often associated with 007.

This Walnut PPK has a silhouette more similar to a later model S&W model, but James would definitely recognize this as a PPK. So would you.

Hand-crafted in walnut with some accents in maple and cherry, the Walnut PPK is a true faux PPK. It adheres to the original in overall shape and size, but has no moving parts, and of course, does not fire.

Once I got the bug to build, I made ten of these walnut versions.

Shipping (USPS) costs an additional $6. (Sorry, but at this time, we only ship within the US).

Simply send an email to: and indicate which of the models you'd like (A thru I or ebony), a second or third preference, and whether you must have one of those. 
If all your preferred models have been sold, and you must have one of those, we won't ship any. If you don't care that all your preferred models have been sold, we'll send another model. Clear?

We'll send the PPK and an invoice, you send a check. We trust you, and it seems easier than refunding money if we can't meet your preferences. Anybody stiffs me, I send Vinnie.

Or use the button below to use PayPal.
Silencer option

This is the Special Offer which now ended

The two cherry gripped Walnut PPKs come with a free silencer. It is one hundred percent effective in reducing the sound of a Walnut PPK. One hundred percent, and guaranteed! Where do you find that today?

E and H, the cherry gripped specials, have both been sold, but you can order a silencer for F or I for an additional $5, and some time while I fabricate another one. I may be able to update the new PayPal buton to indicate an option, but my hopes are not high. Checks still work.
Thanks to all my customers, who bought up all of the Walnut PPKs (Design Level 1). The next version is on the drawing board, incorporating comments from my friends at and around the 'net. Here are some pictures of the Model 2 prototype. It’s not walnut, and doesn’t have the desired degree of finish, and the web page is quick and bare, but the idea’s there.